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Helga Stibi

Helga Stibi

Datum: 20.2.2017

Discipline: Bikini Fitness
Team: NUTREND Team

Best result:
  • 2017 - IFBB PRO CARD
  • 2017 - National Overall Champion 
  • 2017 - Arnold Classic Europe 3rd 
  • 2017 -  EVLS Prague 2nd 
  • 2017 - Diamond Cup Malta 1st
  • 2016 - Amateur Olympia Europe 2nd
  • 2016 - International Cup Hungary 1st
  • 2016 - Diamond Cup UK 1st
  • 2016 - EVLS Prague 1st
  • 2016 - Amateur Olympia Spain 1st
  • 2016 - Diamond Cup Slovakia 2nd
  • 2016 - Arnold Classic USA 4th
  • 2015 - National Overall Champion
  • 2014 - National Overall Champion
  • 2013 - National Champion
My start and first success
Back in 2013 when I entered to my very first competition, I was able to manage to win the National Champion title. I considered it as a massive success, also my first International gold medal winning the Amateur Olympia in Spain, Marbella.

Training Example
  • Monday – Back / Hit Cardio
  • Tuesday – Legs / Moderate Cardio
  • Wednesday – OFF
  • Thursday – Shoulders / Arms / Hit Cardio
  • Friday – Hamstring / Glutes / Calves / Moderate Cardio
  • Saturday – OFF
  • Sunday – Legs / Moderate Cardio
Why Did You Start to Use NUTREND?
I was curious as the brand name appeared very often lately at the large EXPO's and events. Also it has been recommended to me by my friends. I was amazed by the massive variety of products and flavours the company offers. After all I figured the quality of the products are very high standard!

How Do The NUTREND Products Can Help You In Sport?
The sooner you're able to recover the better results you're gonna get. The importance of the high quality supplements this company offers is the key to success. Energy level boost, Weight loss, Muscle gain, you name it, NUTREND has it all!

What Is Your Favourite NUTREND Product And Which One Do You Use The Most?
100% Whey Protein is my favourite, apart from that it has the right amount of nutrition to supplement my muscles, I use this product to cook healthy pancakes, muffins, it helps me to stay on track with my diet, I'm also using it as a treat.

How Do You Prepare Yourself For Contest?
I usually start my prep 8 - 10 weeks out. I'm a big believer of the high intensity trainings. Depending on my actual shape if it's required I train even twice a day, Morning empty stomach cardio session, followed by weight training later on the same day. 3 Leg session and 2 upperbody workout is my weekly routine. My meals are really simple and strict, I eat up to 5 times day "clean good quality food only".

What Is Your Motivation For Training?
My motivation is to earn my IFBB Procard, and to have the honour to compete with the best of the bests at the event that matters the most – Joe Weider's “Olympia” –

Can You Describe Your Best Contest?
I always learned something new about myself each time I entered to a new competition, but the milestone in my competitive career is definitely my first competition. Opened a new chapter in my life!

What Are Your Goals?
My goal is to live my dream and truly master life! I'm constantly striving for perfection, I wish to better my physique, educate myself, and live healthy lifstyle in general. My goal would be to inspire others "Don't just live your life, LEAD IT!"

TOP 5 NUTREND products: