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Datum: 1.2. 2016

Jaroslav Kulhavý won almost everything he could when it comes to biking. He became the Olympic champion, won the World Cup and European championship - not only in the cross country but also in the marathon.

He also won Cape Epis and we could go on and on. But there’s one goal ahead of him that might be the most difficult one in his career. The Olympic champion will start at the cross country event in Rio in August 2016 where he will compete for an Olympic gold medal which won’t be easy and the preparation will be incredibly difficult!
It all systematically began in the autumn of last year, when Jarda – returning from sunny California – threw himself into the training process with one goal.
Apart from the Rio event, he would also like to try to win the world title in Nové Město in Moravia where he also won last year. The goals are definitely not small but it’s encouraging and pleasing for every single one of his fans.
We’ve decided to follow Jarda during his journey and show you how does the life of the professional biker look like. You can watch the entire preparation that he has to go through during the following six months and also take a look behind-the-scenes of Jarda’s life. It won’t be just about biking. In five parts you’ll get the idea of what a professional athlete has to undergo in order to get to the top and stay there.
Jarda already completed some performance tests, spent hours and hours on the treadmill, went to the workshop in Mallorca and Beskydy and even spent some time in -120 degrees during the cryotherapy.