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Datum: 29.7. 2016

The winter preparation went very well for the Olympic champion from London. The simulator, Mallorca, fatbike, simulator once again, Canary Islands, jogging, weight training and Cyprus – Jaroslav Kulhavy’s favourite place, the preparation looked just like this.

Traditionally, the cross country season kicks off in Cyprus and most of the European bikers get into its racing pace there. However, Jarda will not remember this year’s season as a good one…
“While riding downhill, the chain fell off behind cassette so I took it out and as I started moving somehow it bounced over and I fell over the handlebars down from a small rock. I could hear cracking noises and I knew it was bad…“ Jarda said describing what happened in Cyprus. In the end, it turned out his hand was broken and he had to undergo surgery. That is the worst news possible for every athlete!
Within few days, he had a surgery during which the doctors tried to put his hand back together. “It lasted three hours but everything went well,“ Jarda added with a smile on his face as he also expressed his thanks to As. M. D. David Veigl, Ph.D, doctor from Motol University Hospital. The day after surgery, he went home with a fixed brace. He couldn’t ride a bike for few weeks so he tried to find some other options how to stay in shape. Thanks to simulator and jogging he kept himself in a good shape during such a demanding time.
Now, he can ride a bike again after 37 days so it looks like the double fracture of his left wrist had enough time to heal and thirty-one-year old biker can start with his preparation for the Olympic season which has already started. However, he had to skip the opening race of the World Cup in Cairns, Australia but he will be back in the game during May.
Despite these complications the goals for this year remain the same – the World Cup in Nove Mesto na Morave and the Olympic Games in Rio!
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