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FIWE - 2018

FIWE - 2018

Datum: 25.9. 2018

NUTREND visited the Warsaw FIWE trade fair, which took place on September 21. - 23. And we were really seen and heard.

Our stand belonged to the largest and the NUTREND Team was really large, judge yourself: Davor Brdjanovic, Benjamin Radić, Kevin and Evelien Nellen, Valerija Slapnik, Valeria Ammirato and our great photographer Luka Pašič, who documented the whole event and his wonderful work find on our web, facebook and Instagram sites.

But it was not all, a lot of Polish ambassadors were also on the stand: Arkadiusz Tancula, Natalia Wyporek, Ludmiła Wojdak and Justyna Wolny. The atmosphere was created by the breathtaking performance of Paulina Kubaszczyk and the Brazilian streetworkers.
At the NUTREND stand there were not only performances, but also popular competitions where we distributed lots of samples of our BCAA ENERGY MEGA STRONG POWDER, CLA + CARNITINE POWDER, 100% WHEY ISOLATE, 100% WHEY PROTEIN, and shirts, shakers, shawls and more beautiful gifts. At the bars, you could taste our unrivalled proteins, the new flavor of one of the strongest pre-workouts on the N1 BLUE RASPBERRY market and the EVOQ and EXCELENT protein bars.
In a large number, the new flavor of N1 BLUE RASPBERRY, the flagship between 100% WHEY PROTEIN proteins and the extraordinary instant drink FLEXIT GOLD DRINK, was sold.
We consider this fair to be very successful, we will continue this trend, and we are already starting to prepare for our next presentation, which will take place this time in Russia. SN PRO 2018, MOSCOW: 9. - 11. 2018, we will look forward to you!