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Filip Dziedzic

Filip Dziedzic

Datum: 27.8. 2018

Best competition results:
1st place PCA POLAND 2018 champion Masters Physique 2018 3rd place Polish IFBB Championship 2017
What is your life motto?
Live each day as if it was your last.

Your reason to start with fitness and your first success?
I wanted to have a perfect body shape and sporty life. To have more motivation and improve myself, I've started competing.

Why did you start to use NUTREND products?
In my opinion products from Nutrend have the best quality!

How do the NUTREND products help you in your sport?
By using the appropriate composition in individual supplements, in each endurance discipline, there are several products that will provide complex support for the body. Depending on the demand in the diet and the period of preparation for the competition.

What is your favourite NUTREND product and which one do you use most often?
For me 3 top products are:
  1. Whey isolate 100%
  2. Flexit
  3. Bcaa mega strong
Where and how often do you practice? How do you prepare yourself for a contest?
I apply in my everyday life a properly prepared training together with diet and extensive supplementation.

Do you remember your best competition?
Championships in Poland and Bodypower in England have motivated me to put even more effort to train myself and take part in international competitions.

Has this experience influenced you somehow?
Sure, it gave me the biggest motivation for me to start working harder to improve my body for future international competitions.

What is your motivation for training?
My biggest motivation for hard training is achieving success in bodybuilding.

Can you describe your best contest?
International Competition in England, 2018.

What are your goals?
To be part of NUTREND International team.