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Datum: 18.3. 2019

Some time has passed since the end of FAT DIRECT TOUR. So it is the right time to summarize the whole event, which took place in February, across the Czech Republic.

During the tour, we visited 76 fitness centers, which are located in 39 different cities. We traveled a total of 5701 km on the road. At the gyms we gave out free FAT DIRECT SHOTS and information about the new MY DIET PLAN project, which is also completely free on our website.

For a total of 16 days on the road, we gave you 5723 FAT DIRECT SHOTS. At each of our stops we also organized competitions for valuable prizes. In total, we organized 96 competitions in which we distributed 960 protein samples Deluxe and Hydro whey, 1035 pieces of wristbands, 40 pieces of towels, 56 pieces of T-shirts, 96 pieces of multifunctional scarves and shakers.

So, after meeting us, you definitely didn't leave with empty hands. NUTREND team was attended by 8 athletes. Namely Jakub Prchal, Jozef “JOJO” Porubský, Petra Veselá, Pavel Szotkowski, Miroslav Juríček, Tomáš Tvrdík, Karolína “Kay_Li Liberdová” and Václav “Noid” Bárta. If you met NUTREND team members, you could try different type of trainings. Kuba Prchal, Peťa Veselá and Tomáš Tvrdík have tormented you at the circle trainings. Pavel Szotkowski and Miroslav Juríček trained the people which won personal training with them. Mirek also had a seminar on the proper set up of a reduction menu. Karolína Liberdová jumped with girls in Olomouc and Prague. Václav Bárta, as is his good habit, mainly distributing joy and punchs to the punching bag. You could also experience real crossfit training with Jozef Porubský.

We hope you enjoyed the meeting with us. If you didn´t have the opportunity to meet us and you would like to, so don´t despair, because there will be another opportunity on the next tour, which we will prepare for you.