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FAT DIRECT TOUR - Ostrava, Brno, Pardubice

FAT DIRECT TOUR - Ostrava, Brno, Pardubice

Datum: 5.3. 2019

The last week of FAT DIRECT TOUR was over.

Monday 25. 2. NUTREND and Miroslav Juríček distributed FAT DIRECT SHOTS at AZ FITNESS in Brno. You could also taste the new recipe of EXCELENT bars, but also the new BCAA in a can.

On Tuesday 26. 2. we spent all afternoon with Jozef "JOJO" Porubský, who led two crossfit lessons at FIT PARK in Ostrava. Here, after the demanding Jojo´s training, you could taste the delicate Excelent bars and refresh with new BCAA. At the same time, you were able to meet the NUTREND team in South Moravia. Specifically, Infitness in Uherské Hradiště, Relax 21 in Uherský Ostroh, Lipovka Relax Club in Hodonín, H-Fitness in Břeclav and Fitness Club Freedom in Hustopeče.

On Wednesday 27. 2. one group was giving FAT DIRECT SHOTS in Opava in Fitness Pepa and Bavaria Fitness, and in Ostrava in Top Fitness Poruba, Quatro Fitness, FIT LIFE 24, Kučera Fitness, Top Fitness Dubina. The second group was in Brno, where you could compete for valuable prizes and get SHOTS for free. Namely we went to FIT4ALL, Big One Fitness "Mendlák", Big One Fitness Club, Fitness 3000, Blue Gym and the journey through Brno we finished in Ladie's gym.

On Thursday 28. 2. we finished the whole tour in FITTSPORT in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, in the Fitness Abácie in Valašské Meziříčí and in Bobrky Center in Vsetín. We also spent the last day with Miroslav Juríček at FIT & SPORT in Pardubice. Where was the really good end of the tour. We gave out about 400 shots, organized 3 competitions. Mirek was also conducting a seminar aimed at the correct setting up of a reduction diet, which included our new project MY DIET PLAN, and then four lucky ones could train under his leadership.

We hope you enjoyed FAT DIRECT TOUR as much as we did. You will soon be able to see the final video of the FAT DIRECT TOUR as well as the overall summary.