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Evelien Nellen WBFF Pro Show USA

Evelien Nellen WBFF Pro Show USA

Datum: 12.12. 2017

And hereby my experience with my first PRO competition!!
I am so so happy!! My first PRO show in America and I placed 6th.
That's so unbelievably good, because it was my PRO debut, that means my first PRO show!!!

I was in the line next to a lot of very good athletes. Some athletes compete there for many years on this high PRO level.
So it was very exciting for me. My goal for this big show was to get a final place, that means placing in top 10... And I did it. I did even better, because I placed 6th.
And that, for an European girl in the States, is a huge success.
For now, I need a few weeks rest and than I will prepare for my next competition the WORLDS PRO 2018, you can compare that with the IFBB Olympia PRO, but only in other federation.
So I think you can imagine how I feel now? I am so happy and blessed.
My goal for next year is to get a final place at the WORLDS PRO 2018 and to have more fans in the States and South America.