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Evelien Nellen – van Pelt

Evelien Nellen – van Pelt

Datum: 8.8. 2016

Category: WBFF DIVA Pro Fitness & Figure

Sport team: Nutrend
Sports success:
  • The WBFF DIVA Pro worlds UK 2017 - DIVA Figure 3th place
  • The WBFF DIVA Pro worlds UK 2017 - DIVA Fitness 2nd place
  • European Championship 2016 – 7th place
  • DutchGrandprix2015 – overal winner
  • Loadedcup 2014 – 2nd place
  • Dutch Championship 2013 – 1st place
  • Arnold Classic 2013 – 5th place
  • Ironmaiden2012 – overal winner
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Evelien Nellen and her story:
I have always been that kind of girl who loves sports. I went from horse riding to gymnastics and when I was 18 years old, I wanted to try fitness. I started with training straight away, fell in love with it and started competing in 2012. I love every aspect that comes with sport it keeps me going as I compete mostly with myself even when I am onstage. I just try to be better and better every single day. In addition, I try new things so I can use them and help other people. Apart from competing, I work in a bank as a financial adviser and take care of my daughter who was born in 2010. I also have my own company; we try to help other people reach their personal goals within all kinds of sports.
Why did you start using Nutrend products?
I did not find better brand of supplements than the Nutrend ones. The products are not only affordable but also the quality is very good and every product tastes great. That’s the reason why I wanted to try the products of this company.
How do the products help you?
My life is filled with a lot of activities so it is quite busy sometimes. It is hard to take care of a child, be successful at what you do and also in a sport. I enjoy the comfort when using the products which are very easy to use and absorb and help with recovery after training. The products are especially formulated for athletes who are also involved in its production process.
Which product is your favourite and which one do you use the most?
Amino acids BCAA with high leucine proportion are great. I also like Glutamine Mega Strong Powder which tastes really good and BCAA 4:1:1 tablets are like sweets to me.
To achieve the best shape possible the diet during the competition is very important. So how does the diet look like?
During the competition I eat just small portions to have some energy on stage. A little bit of white rice, raisins, chicken steak, almonds, pineapple and before I go on stage I use Explosin with honey and dark chocolate. Also, I have to reduce the fluid intake to minimum.
How does the competition preparation look like? Where and how often do you train?
The pre-competition diet takes 12 to 14 weeks and it is very strict as well as training. I try to stimulate the body fat loss but keep the most of the muscle mass at the same time. I also practise posing every day which helps me improve myself and keep me focus on my goals.
Can you describe your usual training day?
My husband and I get up at 6 o'clock. Before breakfast, I do some cardio workout for which I use BCAA. After that I have a breakfast with my daughter. She gets ready for school to which I drive her and then I go to my bank office or I work at my company. This all is followed with getting back home, having dinner with my family, working out at the gym or at home (my husband and I take turns every other day so one of us is always with our daughter at home). The training usually lasts about an hour which is the maximum and then I go back home and get ready for another day.
What is your motivation?
I always try to imagine the moment of me standing on stage. I want to be sure that I did my best when it comes to training. Within few years, I would like to get the professional card so visualizing your goal helps a lot.
What was your hardest workout and why?
The trainings with my husband because he always pushes me to the limits and even beyond them. He has a trick to make me train harder. He makes me angry which forces me to lift more weights.
What was your best competition so far? What impact did it have on you?
The best competition was the European Championship in 2016. It was very well-organized with more than 1800 competing athletes. Besides that my form was exactly how I wanted it to be from the beginning of the preparation and during the 16 weeks long diet I felt really great. Also, at this event I realized that Women Physique category isn’t for me because it is very close to the typical bodybuilding category and that is beyond my ambitions so I went back to Figure category. I want to have muscles but I want to keep my femininity too so my next competitions will be in Figure category.
TOP 5 NUTREND products:
2. BCAA 4:1:1 TABS