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Evelien 4th at the European WBFF PRO

Evelien 4<sup>th</sup> at the European WBFF PRO

Datum: 12.12. 2018

2 weeks ago, I had my competition in London, where I took 4th place in the PRO fitness category. I worked so hard for this and with an amazing result! So happy!

5 months ago I had a knee surgery, because I broke my meniscus and my ligament. Luckily, I recovered very fast, which caused me being able to prep for this show. The WBFF European Pro show!!
How my prep looks like?
My prep starts always 14 weeks before the show. So it did this time again. I start my prep with cardio (20-30 minutes) 4 days a week and 6 days heavy weight training. Since I am 8 weeks before the show I do cardio (20-30 minutes) 6 days a  week and 6 days heavy weight training. 4-5 weeks before the show I do cardio (30-45 minutes and sometimes longer) every day and 6 days weight training, with a lot of supersets.
Besides this, I practice my posing almost every day. Posing is very important at the WBFF shows.

The supplements I use around my workout:

Before cardio:
Before weight training:
During my weight training:
After my weight training:
  • I take 2 capsules Arginine and 3 capsules Glutamine – for my recovery
  • Mostly I drink HydroWhey protein with vanilla flavour, with a little bit cinnamon 😊
What about the food?
When I start my prep, I eat very clean and on a Saturdays I eat 1 or 2 cheatmeals. Since I am 8 weeks before my show I don’t cheat anymore… Than I focus fully on the show, only clean food.

My sources of protein in a prep:
Lean chicken, turkey, white fish, lean beef, eggs, salmon, Nutrend Protein Pancakes and Hydro Whey
My sources of fats in prep:
Cashew nuts, almonds, peanut butter (till 6 weeks before show), avocado, oil, coconut oil.
My sources of carbs in a prep:
Sweet potato, potato, rice, rice crackers, corn crackers, some fruits and all kind of vegetables.
I mostly start the day with oats and fruits on high carb days and on high fat days with salmon and avocado.
Meals later that day, can be sweet potatoes with chicken and vegetables, rice with beef and tomatoes or Nutrend Pancakes or rice crackers with chicken.
The supplements I take in prep:
In the morning:
During the day:
Before bed:
My next show or goals?
My next show will probably the Worlds Pro at the Bahamas… did you say Bahamas?? 😊 Yes that’s right. The WBFF worlds is in August 2019 and it is the highest level for the PROs at the WBFF. I am so excited
and that location is so amazing, never been there.. So that will be an adventure. My goal for the next months is to build a bit more muscles on my legs and to create more definition in my legs. And my goal for that show is to place at the top 5.
For now.. I am one of the top PROs in Europe!