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Eva Havelková and Jakub Kraus' photoshoot at Nutrend

Eva Havelková and Jakub Kraus' photoshoot at Nutrend

Datum: 7.3. 2016

Cloudy February morning in Olomouc was brightened up by a lovely couple Eva Havelková and Jakub Kraus as our new NUTREND Team members visited our company where their official photoshoot took place.

They both were in a good spirit during the photoshoot which can sometimes be very stressful and time-consuming for some of the athletes.
"Eva and Kuba kept a positive attitude throughout the whole day not only at the photoshoot in our studio but also in a fitness centre. Their positive energy put the whole team in a great mood and the series of an awesome photos was taken thanks to that. So you have something to look forward to," Zdeněk – our photographer who spent the whole day with the couple said with a smile on his face.
In addition to the photoshoot, Eva and Jakub also visited our laboratory where they had the opportunity to taste our fresh-made bars and had the first-hand experience of trying the production process. "If someone finds two measuring scoops in vanilla-flavoured 100% Whey Protein, that's our job," Eva added while smiling.
In a world of social networks, the couple is known under the nickname Fitnessmiláčci and since March they are our new members of NUTREND Team. Also, they try to inspire people via their website and show them that active lifestyle is not just about the gym. A part from that, they share healthy meal recipes, workout tips and behind-the-scene photos of their competition preparation.
You can look forward to not only exclusive photos but training videos too. They will keep you posted during the year – every single week!