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Datum: 1.2.2016

We’re happy to welcome two new additions to our NUTREND Team this year – Eva Havelková and Jakub Kraus.

Eva Havelková is a bikini fitness competitor. She won the title at the championship in Bohemia, she came 2nd at the Czech Republic Championship in 2014 and 2015, she won 3rd place at the BFC Cup in 2014 and made it to the semi-finals at the 2014 European Championship. She used to do sport aerobics in which she won the title of the Czech Republic team champion in 2001 and the World Champion title in 2002.
She works as a personal fitness trainer and nutrition specialist and she is also a co-owner of the company that is dedicated to healthy eating.Her passion is to prepare healthy meals. She shares its photos with her fans on Instagram, where you can follow her as@fitnessevisek.
Jakub Kraus became the Man of the Year in 2015 and ended up at the 5th place at the Mister International in Philippines.
Nowadays, he is devoted to fitness. He works as a personal fitness trainer and nutrition specialist. Apart from that he also runs his own company that is dedicated to healthy eating.
In 2014, he competed in a men’s physique category and he made it to the finals at the championship in Bohemia. His hobbies include all kinds of sport, surfing and traveling. He’s always in a good mood with a smile on his face which you can see on his Instagram - @krausik89. Eva and Jakub are the most famous fitness couple in the Czech Republic. They inspire thousands of people with their project namedFitnessmiláčci, with their blog namedLifelovers.czand with their Instagram photos as well. They show to people that fitness is not only about the gym by sharing some healthy meal recipes, workout tips or behind-the-scenes of the fitness preparation for the competition. Also, they both do online coaching and have their own company that is focused on healthy eating.
We’re preparing plenty of interesting events with Eva and Jakub this year so we can already promise that there’s a lot to look forward to such as training videos, healthy meal recipes or international fitness events!


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