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Datum: 2.8. 2018

I'm exactly 2 months out from my first show this year - EVLS PRAGUE.

I lowered my calorie intake and increased cardio into my training routine. Here is an example of my lunch during prep:
Because I really love everything made of potatoes-I needed to find a solution of less carbs. So, I found perfect replacement - cauliflower puree (how I make it, is also written under one of my post on IG or hashtag #EatWithValci).
Beside my favorite puree at this moment, I made fish tilapia in owen, which is kind of the only type of fish I can eat, because it doesn't smell or taste like fish, but more like chicken. Every meal I have, there needs to be vegetables as well-because of fibers, it fills your stomach and well... for me it tastes delicious. Green salad is done with around 2 spoons of olive oil and lots of garlic. (I'm obsessed with garlic)
This was my lunch and it is kinda everyday lunch during summer for me. I also never forget to take 2 capsules of OMEGA 3 during my meal.
Next time I will show you what I eat for dinner.