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Dubai Muscle Show 2018

Dubai Muscle Show 2018

Datum: 13.12. 2018

December 7th and 8th NUTREND visited the trade fair, DUBAI MUSCLE SHOW in sunny Dubai.

The show was absolutely amazing and except of our athletes, many other celebrities from the bodybuilding world like Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Kai Greene, Michelle Lewin, Dorian Yates and Kevin Levron showed up.
At NUTREND´s stand, people had the chance to chat and take photos with Valerija Slapnik, Moctar, Valeria Ammirato and Ricardo Correia, who currently lives in Dubai. Luka Pašič was taking photos and filming videos during the whole event and you can find results of his work on our social networks of NUTREND BODYBUILDING.

Visitors are never bored with us. We had many games and challenges where people had the chance to get free shirts, shakers, towels and many samples. We also gave out thousands of samples of N1, 100% WHEY PROTEIN, CLA + CARNITIN POWDER, WHEY ISOLATE, BCAA ENERGY MEGA STRONG POWDER. Everyone could also taste our EVOQ and EXCELLENT bars. EXCELLENT bar now has a new, improved
DUBAI MUSCLE SHOW was the last trade fair, where NUTREND took part for the 2018. However, we are already planning to visit more trade fairs in 2019, where you can come meet with us. We will try to bring a better and a bigger experience for you next year. We wish you a happy, merry and peaceful Christmas and we hope to see you next year at some of ours planned events.