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Datum: 17.12. 2018

Dubai… city to remember… last trip this year with Nutrend, and actually one of my favorite ones. As soon as me and Luka landed in Dubai, we were speechless when we drove with taxi to our hotel. The buildings are amazing, you can't find two that would look the same.

Nutrend arranged us hotel with amazing view of Dubai city. We could see Burj Khalifa from our bathroom, so it was really something to remember.

Next day me and Ricardo had some meet and greet in one of best gyms there – TRAIN SF. We had a small stand with chocolate protein bars, so visitors could recharge their energy before training or after they finished one. A good intertainment was also a game play with dice, where people who throw same number won a package full of Nutrend samples. Anyway, we thought it would be good to »reward« people who were training, to give them some samples as well. They were all happy, it almost felt like early christmas with small Valči the Santa :) We ended that great day, people were happy and we were out of samples for that day. After that, we went to Dubai Mall, which is one of the largest shopping mall in the world; with more than 1200 shops, different cinemas, tons of restaurants, hotel, aquarium, zoo etc.. I don't have to mention we got lost several times to get out of that mall!
Day after, another meet and greet with Nutrend at Dubai shop Power magic nutrition, where they sell Nutrend products. It was a little bit out of the city. We did the same as in the gym, trying to offer people who came by our chocolates, took pics with fans and in general had a great time with all people around us.
On friday and saturday we attended Dubai muscle show. The booth that Nutrend made there, was actually one of my favorite ones, on one side of the booth there were picture of me, Valeria, Moctar and Ricardo on the big wall with our names. I thought that was a great idea and nice thought from Nutrend to us. Me, Moctar, Valeria Ammirato and Riccardo, were at booth taking pics with fans and made some great shows like Squat challenge, Play with dice etc. Squat challenge is a game we play on every expo, and we challenge people to hold a squat position as long as they can, holding Whey protein box and whoever stays longest in that position gets a big price. Anyway those who don't win, also get small goodie bags from us. We got a new record which was one guy with a bit more then 20 minutes! For reward we gave him some extra price beside, because his dedication was amazing! Luka made pics with all that and video clips, that were posted on Nutrend instagram, and you can still check out if you missed it. (@nutrendbodybuilding) I had great time there, met some new friends, had some chats with fans and all in all enjoyed every moment which counts the most.
Sadly, I'm now already back home, but I am sure, Dubai will be a place I will visit again!

I can't tell enough in  words how thankful I am to Nutrend that has changed my life completely in this past year. It was one of the best ones for me and Luka, and we appreciate so much for everything Nutrend did for us. We feel like we are one big strong family, and we have so much more to show. We can't wait what next year brings to us! Děkuji Nutrend!