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Deluxe tour Olomouc, Ostrava

Deluxe tour Olomouc, Ostrava

Datum: 5.11. 2018

DELUXE TOUR ended this week with the last visits of fitness centres in Olomouc and the Moravian-Silesian Region.

On Monday 29.10. our crossfit mage Jozef "JOJO" Porubsky came to Ultimate Fitness in Olomouc where he and NUTREND GIRLS cared for the visitors of this crossfit gym. JOJO taught his training experiences and
knowledges, and visitors of Ultimate fitness could undergo training. We shared lots of DELUXE bars and proteins, as well as the prize competitions that took place during the training.
JOJO and our team moved to Ostrava on Tuesday, where we spent a great afternoon at FIT PARK. People could sweat under the leadership of JOJO, who had two training sessions in Ostrava. Again, you could tasted and
We stayed in Ostrava even on Wednesday, where 7 fitness centers were arranged in the form of stops. We started our journey at TOP Fitness Karviná, then we moved to Fitness Šembi in Orlová. More DELUXE bars and
proteins were distributed in Ostrava in TOP fitness Dubina, Sareza, TOP fitness Poruba, Fit Life 24 and SIMPLY Fitness.
You can look forward to videos of the events we launch on our social networks as well as to the final video, which sums up the entire month of October, which included DELUXE TOUR.