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David Dvořák

David Dvořák

Datum: 21.1. 2021

Date of birth: 5. 6. 1992

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 56,7 kg

Team: London Shootfighters

Discipline: MMA


Facebook: David Dvořák

Instagram: dvorak.david

I was a characteristic hyperactive child. Constantly on the move and still in trouble. The main combat trainer for me was mainly my brother Tomáš, who is a bit older and gave me a big school in this regard. I was just an unguided missile, and my parents had something to do before they could tame me a little. Starting to play chess helped me calm down. Only with them did I learn to calm my mind, focus on the essentials and put all my strength right where it is needed.

In the same building where I practiced chess, I discovered the gym. The young boys found not only secrets of fight but also the rules of MMA, and I couldn't take my eyes off them. It didn't take long and I was one of them.

After studying sports management at the University of Hradec Králové, I went straight to work. I worked on construction sites, I also tried the cloakroom attendant at the disco, but I was mostly involved in my father's work, a graved pit. And there one learns humility and respect.

I tried my first MMA cage match at the age of 17. The year was 2010 and at that time I trained for only half a year. By 2012, I managed a total of 7 matches, from which I left 4 times victorious. Since 2012, it has held the winning balance sheet. Altogether, it makes 15 wins in a row, most of them were in the first round. 

The UFC will address me for the first time in 2019 before the February gala evening of UFC Fight Night in Prague. I got an offer to introduce myself in the first match, but it would mean for me to move from my category to higher. It was a prestigious affair that few resisted, but I refused because I knew I belonged to the flyweight category. Going to higher weights would put me at a disadvantage. 

Fortunately, the UFC gave me another offer, which already looked my way and thanks to which I became the winner to enter in the best MMA league in the world. I have added another to this victory, but my goals are even higher ...