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Datum: 31.8. 2018

Curcuma is originally an Indian spice, which has been researched a long time in a frame of its potential for the medical and scientific public.

The studies made in past regarding Curcuma extract (curcumin) usage, have shown a significant effect while oxidative and inflammatory states, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, anxiety, and hyperlipidemia.
Some of the results have also shown that curcumin polyphenol belongs amongst the most important curcuminoids and can help for example against inflammatory states invoked by difficult physical activity causing muscle pain. Thanks to this fact Curcuma extract usage could help to recover and increase performance at active athletes.

Only curcumin intake does not lead significantly to benefits described above mainly for its bad bioavailability. The cause seems to be its bad absorption, fast metabolism and also quick elimination in an organism. There are only a few ingredients, which can cause curcuminoid bioavailability enhancement. Amongst the most important can be named for example piperin, which is the main active substance of black pepper and in combination with curcumin, enhancement of curcumin bioavailability was proven of approximately 2000%.

The NUTREND company now brings highly efficient Curcuma extract called CURCUMIN + BIOPERIN + VITAMIN D, in which curcumin is supplied with BioPerin extract, which is extracted from black pepper and as the only extract was given a patented status for its ability to increase bioavailability of nutritional substances which it can be added to.

CURCUMIN + BIOPERIN + VITAMIN D from the NUTREND company is special also because both efficient extracts are put in lipid capsule with high vitamin D3 content. Fat itself contained in the capsule is another aspect for great curcumin absorption in a body.

Vitamin D, which together with curcumin and piperine is added to the capsules amongst others helps normal calcium absorption. Vitamin D also helps normal immune system functioning, and bones and teeth strengthening. Because vitamin D is soluble in fats, it has become an ideal helper to the active substances mentioned above and helps in their synergetic effect.

The product CURCUMIN + BIOPERIN + VITAMIN D has significantly higher usability in our body than most common curcumin tablets available on the market.

Considering the long list of benefits related to usage of curcumin, the product CURCUMIN + BIOPERIN + VITAMIN D from the NUTREND company is suitable for everyone interested in a healthy lifestyle.


There is a quite close relation amongst oxidative stress and inflammation. Oxidative stress is a part of the chronic illness and its pathological activity influences the inflammatory process in a body. Inflammatory states can be activated by a bacteria, virus, chemically or physically, mechanical and psychological stress or for example a high level of glucose, high level of specific fatty acids, cigarette smoke, and other factors. To eliminate inflammation, in medicine so-called agents are often used. They have a potential efficiency against these types of illness. Curcumin is also considered one of the agents which can block certain factors causing inflammation impulse. In some clinical studies, it was shown that curcumin reduces inflammatory through many various mechanisms, that have recently been a pith of another research and subject of the new studies.

According to some studies, there has been given proof that curcumin can increase serum activity of the antioxidants. Analyses of randomized data related to curcuminoid efficiency (efficient Curcuma extracts) on oxidative stress have shown a significant effect to all watched parameters. It is important to mention, that at all sources of curcuminoids involved in studies was used an agent to overdo lower bioavailability of curcumin raw form. For most of them an extract from black pepper containing piperines was used in this connection. At curcumin, influence on free radicals in several different mechanisms was observed and acording to the results curcumin can capture various forms of these free radicals. From the studies, it is known that curcumin also modulates enzymes activity joining neutralization of free radicals or again can inhibit enzymes participating on oxidative processes enhancement. Except that free radicals absorption was observed and that is why curcumin is considered antioxidant.

Metabolic syndrome (MS) is a whole of negative states in our body. MS is evolved in time at individuals with genetic predisposition through inappropriate lifestyle, e.g. by excessive energetic intake and low physical activity. Into MS we involve for example insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, hypertension, low HDL level, increased level of LDL, increased level of triglycerides and also obesity. In a connection to MS, it was found out that curcumin can weaken some of its aspects. Interesting changes were noticed after curcumin intake for example in a frame of insulin sensibility improvement and blood pressure optimization. Thanks to these mentioned health benefits, curcumin reached global attention and its popularity and usage are still increasing.

All benefits mentioned above can be reached assuming curcumin is taken with agents such as for example piperine, increasing bioavailability of curcumin. Mechanisms of curcumin effects have been researched in terms of the new studies, but today it is clear that curcumin disposes of interesting benefits in terms of health contributions.