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Buggyra took double at Nogaro!

Buggyra took double at Nogaro!

Datum: 12.7. 2021

And even better! Téo Calvet won two races and added two 2nd place finishes, while Aliyyah Koloc dominated between women, young drivers and on Sunday, she played helped the young guns team of Buggyra Academy to achieve the historical first double.

Despite very strict coronavirus measures, that allowed only fully vaccinated fans to attend, or those with PCR tests, there are more than 10.000 fans on the Circuito Paul Armagnac.

“A great atmosphere. Next to rugby, truck racing is the most popular sport in the region, and according to the locals, there were even more people interested in coming, but organisers were very strict about the rules,” said Jan Kalivoda, the head of communication for Buggyra.

Saturday was about 2nd places and punctures

Téo Calvet arrived at Nogaro as the championship leader, after taking the maximum number of points in Charade. But on Saturday, he could not beat Anthony Janiec, who has the experience from the European championship.

“Just a shame that I wasn’t able to take a super pole on the drying track. Anthony used his experience to defend it. But it’s impossible to win all the time,” said Téo after the race.

But it was a much more eventful Saturday for Aliyyah Koloc, who had to deal with two punctures after incidents. Team mechanics managed to fix the first one in record time, so the youngest and also the fastest truck racing driver in the world could return to the track. But the other puncture came in the penultimate lap and Aliyyah ended off the track.

“After the puncture with Mercedes-AMG GT3 at Slovakiaring, that I had in a speed of 240 kph, I lost my tyre in a much lower speed. On the other hand, both vehicles have a very different weight,” said Aliyyah.

Despite her premature end, she was still classified as the 2nd fastest woman, and in the next race, she also added a victory in the young driver’s category.

There’s a first time for everything…

And sometimes, it does not even happen. However, the young guns took their first double in their 3rd race already.

“A great performance and also a small jealous. I think that it took me and Gerd Körber at least 12 races when we took the first Buggyra double. It was here in Nogaro, back in 2003,” congratulated David Vršecký, who also did not want to comment on the fact that they were helped by Anthony Janieca’s penalty.

“The history won’t ask about that. And Janiec knows that he can go over the line sometimes.”

The Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team almost took another double in the final race of the weekend as well, where they took the first row on the grid. While Téo took a victory after a great performance, Aliyyah had to settle for 3rd place in the end.

“A big satisfaction in the end, even though there are still some reserves surely,” said Téo. Aliyyah meanwhile was remembering her last year’s sensational triumph.

“I wanted to win, but everyone, including Yasmeen who came to support me, and my dad and David, they all say that I should remain humble. So, I’m happy.”

After Round 3 of the French Truck Racing Championship 2020 - 2021 season, Téo Calvet leads with 126 points ahead of Anthony Janiecem with 111 points. Aliyyah Koloc is sharing 3rd place in the standings with 79 points.