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Datum: 20.3.2014

Discipline: Truck racing
Team: Buggyra International Racing System
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For several years now we have been cooperating with one of the most successful team of the world truckracing area – BUGGYRA.

With its development center with headquaters in the Czech Republic (BUGGYRA Technology Center), Dubai and Singapore, BUGGYRA belongs among the leading special technologies developers. After winning 9 European titles, one Chinese and 5 world speed records the team was extended of the famous TATRA for the legendary DAKAR rally.
The NUTREND company cooperates not only with implementation team but also racers themselves, to whom the company has been trying to prepare special products. Truck race on the ring and hard race in a desert, mud and rocky roads during DAKAR is something completely different.
BUGGYRA provides us feedback, which leads to following product development. Skills of the professional racers are expressed in continuos product prescriptions improvements. Meaning that the same bar, which was developed in cooperation with European master Adam Lacko or one of the most successful DAKAR rally drivers Martin Kolomý is available for any customer.
The goal for NUTREND and BUGGYRA is to keep developing and seeking for opportunities how to improve themselves. With our products, we would like to help Martin Kolomý win DAKAR Rally and Adam Lacko with David Vršecký defend 1st place from European Championship and championship in China.  

I have loved speed since I was a little kid. At the end of 1997, Martin Koloc, who was at that time double world truck racing champion, offered me cooperation. By that time, I was multiple water scooter national champion. I liked truck racing from the very first race (in 1998) even if my technique was really terrible. Between 1999 and 2001, I worked as a testing pilot in the process of development of the special racing car Buggyra and from 2002 season I have been the Buggyra racing team racer. 
Crucial moment in my career were my first victory in Nürburgring in 2003, both world speed records, race in Jarama in 2008 (when I finished the race I realized I was the European Champion).

Why did you start to use Nutrend products?

Because I need to keep fit. During the race, there can be even 70°C inside the car, so it is really hard for the organism. And the other reason is, I always like the best things.

How do the Nutrend products help you in your sport? 

Sport and trainings are about endorphins (happy hormones). And with NUTREND products all trainings go better.

What is your favorite Nutrend product and which one do you use the most?

I like all Nutrend products and it is really hard to choose one.

How do you prepare yourself for the race season? Where and how often do you practice?
Because I had a knee injury, I cannot go running. So I play squash and go to the gym. Even if it does not seem so, when you have to drive ten times during the weekend, it is really tough for the whole body. And I almost forgot that I go inline skating.

How often do you train?

During the off-season (from October till April) I train at least one hour 4 times per week.

What is your common training day like?

I do not like stereotypes, so I try to have every day different. Unfortunately, all my coaches always wanted me to keep chronological order. It is not easy!

Which was the hardest training in your life and why?

There are neither easy races, nor trainings. Everything you do with all your effort must be painful. I do not want to sound arrogant, but if I am not absolutely physically exhausted, my brain sends me a signal that there is something wrong.

What is your motivation for racing?

I love winning. And I want make my business partners happy. Especially Mr. Zedník.

Can you describe your best race? How did it influence you?

Maybe it was last year in Le Mans. I did not manage to get in TOP ten in the trainings, so I started  from the back row. Moreover, it was raining really heavily and I hate rain. It was the last but one race of the season, I was exhausted and annoyed – all at once. Nevertheless I overtook about ten cars and got really important points.

Best results:

2008 and 2009 European champion
Two times World speed record holder – Dubai 2004 (1km with flying start), Panenský Týnec 2008 (1km standing start)