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Benji's preparation for the competition

Benji's preparation for the competition

Datum: 20.11. 2018

While I’m writing this at an altitude of 37000 feet, I have commenced on my journey to one of China’s biggest bodybuilding competitions.

Two more weeks to go. My preparation began this exact day just a short 8 weeks ago. While I watched the bodybuilding competition at the China Fitness Expo with my sponsor and Nutrend family here in Shanghai, it brought back a lot of beautiful memories from the time I last stepped onto the stage in Miami, Florida, USA. Although the bodybuilding industry in China is still within its growth phase, the warmth, encouragement and positive energy of the crowd just blew me away. It was that moment when I decided I was time for me to get back into competition mode. Sure, competition in a country so far away from my home country has many challenges due to the many hours of travel, meal preparation, jetlag, language barriers, etc., but at the end of the day, the suffering would be small compared to me being able to show my best physique yet to my loyal
fans here in China. It was decided right there and then that I would come back to China in November to compete in the Jicheng Bodybuilding Competition in Sanya, China.
A few weeks in, I reached a plateau where I was still too heavy and my weight was not dropping fast enough, at which time I included H.I.I.T training to shred the excess weight.

For my weight training sessions, I always started with isolated movements 12 -15 slow repetitions (3 - 5 sets) for my warm up and engage the mind-muscle connection with a muscle group that I would destroy for that day. This would be followed by heavy compound movements 8 - 12 repetitions (4 - 6 sets) I would always wrap up with drop sets, super sets, and giant sets.
All my efforts would not be possible without the support from Nutrend, who have supported me throughout my entire career in bodybuilding. Nutrend provided the highest quality supplements in the business, I have been using their products every day for the last 5 years and the results speak for itself.

My Nutrend supplementation plan looks like this:
Everything was going on schedule when on one of my morning sprints I slipped and fell. I injured my elbow with a strong hit which tore my medial head of the triceps leaving my arms swollen with having only half of the normal amplitude of normal movement. Despite the injury, I kept my diet and cardio sessions the same but weights sessions were coming to a screeching halt for the next 2 weeks. This caused me to lose a bit of arm symmetry as I could not perform any push exercises. On top of this, I had just relocated my old gym to a new state of the art facility in my hometown so my life as a gym owner and personal trainer became just a bit more complicated. Still, I was determined to prepare myself to hit that stage no matter the outcome. A few more days before my return to the stage.

I am ready.