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Benji's China trip

Benji's China trip

Datum: 24.8. 2018

Another great experience in China with lots of fun with the Nutrend team is slowly coming to an end as I’m still in Shanghai while I’m writing this.

It’s not my first time in China I’ve been in China already 6 or 7 times with Nutrend and my chopsticks🥢 game is strong :)
This trip begins with visiting headquarters of Nutrend China in Jinan where we stayed for 2 days and besides good food and lots of fun with China guys we also work hard through the day.
There was a photo session in different fitness centers of the new Nutrend clothing line, making videos about supplements like when and how to use them with specific goals.
Following seminars with personal trainers in both gyms about the use of supplements and then fans meeting where we had Q&A in front of at least 200 people.
Wrapped up with late evening weight training for fans.
From the beautiful city of Jinan, we moved early in the morning to Shanghai enjoying a fast train ride.
In Shanghai, we went to visit the biggest fitness expo in Asia called FIBO.
Besides visiting the expo we also had another great photo session with China best fitness photographer Ming.
After the expo, the team went back home except me and Moctar. We stayed at a different location for another 2 days with Chinese guys.
We had a big 2 days seminar and training camp in one of the biggest gyms in Shanghai called OriGym.
After all hard and fun work was done, I moved to Shanghai downtown and extended my trip for additional days to feel that real Chinese vibes with locals and delicious food on every step.
Beside meeting old friends I also did some great photo sessions with different Chinese photographers.
And now I’m enjoying the last 2 days before heading home back to reality.
Overall another great experience in China with the Nutrend team.