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Benjamin Radič and Moctar - Roadtrip China

Benjamin Radič and Moctar - Roadtrip China

Datum: 10.7. 2018

China was amazing! Last trip was really interesting as we (me and my team mate Moctar) were traveling all over the China with 2 days stop in every city.

Our schedule was really intense as we were visiting different sports academies where we were holding seminars about diet, posing routines, trainings, supplements and workshops with elite personal trainers and at the end we made show on stage with meeting fans. Because of intense schedule and lots of traveling we couldn’t stay on track with our diet from which we took advantage to try all the local food specialities as every city is famous by different food or drink. For example city of Chengdu is well known for the spicy ?? food and city of Harbin for the best beer and beautiful girls, so you can imagine how much sacrifice we had to take :)