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Beer vs. Regenerative drink

Beer vs. Regenerative drink

Datum: 14.4. 2021

Regeneration after the race

It is important after any intense physical performance that our body properly renews glycogen resources, stops protein decomposition and starts protein synthesis. We also must not forget to supply minerals and rehydrate our organism. How can we do it? 

Popular way – a beer

Many sportsmen crave to enjoy a beer after a race as a treat. Their argument is based on carbohydrates contained in beer that our body utilizes for regeneration. Let’s talk about the pitfalls of the relationship between a beer and sports. 

The main problem is the alcohol that beer contains. It slows down muscle proteosynthesis, which means that it worsens muscle regeneration. Also the issue of dehydration is questioned as beer has got diuretic effects. A small volume of alcohol does not need to significantly affect rehydration of our organism, but any larger amounts have notable negative effects. Furthermore, it represents a burden to our organism as our body will start eliminating the alcohol. The beer will therefore strengthen our fatigue and feeling of fullness. 

Let’s also face the question how are we going to get home? The Law forbids you to ride a bike after alcohol consumption.  

Our recommended way – REGENER

Exceptionally efficient combination of carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins (C, E), and minerals (selenium, magnesium) especially formulated for quick and quality regeneration after an intense sports activity. Our body needs all these substances for right muscle regeneration. High content of carbohydrates will optimally supply our glycogen resources and the amount of consumed liquids will rehydrate our body perfectly. It is ideal to drink a dose of 75 g mixed with 450 ml of water in smaller portions during 20 – 30 minutes after the physical performance and then drink another 200 ml of clean water. This product is completely dye-free and contains beneficial ginkgo biloba extract. 

Let’s ask a question – what kind of a treat our body truly deserves?