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Arkadiusz Tancula

Arkadiusz Tancula

Datum: 6.8.2018

Instagram: Arkadiusz_tancula
NUTREND ambassador because he is very popular across Polish social media despite he doesn’t compete.
What is your life motto?
Impossible is nothing.

Your reason to start with fitness and your first success?
To make my dream come true! Success is over a thousand people whom I helped to achieve their dream figure.

Why did you start to use NUTREND products?
First, I began to identify myself with Nutrend Polska company, later I have started using their products.

How do the NUTREND products help you in your sport?
Supplementing the diet.
What is your favourite NUTREND product and which one do you use the most often?
N1 Pre-workout.
Where and how often do you practice?
Poland, Fitness Platinium Kraków. Every Day.

What is your motivation for training?
People who follow me on social media are my motivation. Because I am motivation for them and I have to keep myself in shape.

What are your goals?
To become the most popular trainer - actor in the world!