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Datum: 19.5. 2017

Due to long and intensive physical performance, our body looses a remarkable amount of energetic supplies. Glykogen is drawn as a main source of energy, from which is due to few processes in the human body made the basic unit of energy – adenosin triphosfate (ATP). Glycogen supplies last for approximately a few tens of minutes.

During any physical activity,the body starts to use other alternative sources of energy, which depends on whether the activity proceeds in aerobic or anaerobic conditions. Working organisms can get energy for example from lactate, glycerol or glukogen amino acids. Together with these energy sources organisms can also lose liquids, electrolytes and other mineral substances.
To stop the catabolic reaction created by hard physical activity influence, the body has to get enough suitable nutrients, electrolytes and vitamins after training. By that recovery of the muscle mass and mainly required musscle growth will be reached. The most common mistake is consumption of entirely protein nutriments right after physical activity. This can be seen mostly by young or less informed sportsmen. These sportsmen can not reach the required muscle growth and often stagnation appears even after regular consumption of high protein meals after the workout or during the day.
Some people will be surprised by reading this, but it is important to realise, that concentrated protein has to be set out into peptides and then into amino acids by our body after consumption. For this process the body produces volume of energy and adding transmission of amino acids into energy for recovery of energy sources lost during the training, it is obvious that nutrients refilling is long and mainly ineffective in this way.
It is also important to mention a fact, that within partial decomposition of amino acids to recover drained glycogen supplies in human body, urea is created. In case of intensive training, which goes over 60 minutes becomes most exhaustion of glycogen and due to consumption of aprotein shake there is a threat of deepening the catabolic reaction.
It is important to provide a complex product to aid tired organisms and not just high in protein but also with other important nutrients, electrolytes and vitamins. Only when all nutrients are given to the body, they will be used in the way it is required – for muscle growth!
Let’s focus on the brand new product we are adding to our Strong list of proteins from the NUTREND company, developed on basic needs of real bodybuilders and endurance athletes. This new product is AFTER TRAINING PROTEIN, shortly A.T.P. and that is not a coincidence! With its content this product is great after difficult physical activity of strenght or strength -endurance type. It also can be used as nutrient beside the training activity any time during the day.
A.T.P from NUTREND offers an ideal ratio of nutrients and effective subrances for strenght recovery, fastening of regeneration, refilling lost minerals or electrolytes. Usage of this special protein is very universal, it is either possible to support muscle growth in volume training season, or to use it for recovery in season of more often energy outcome. The protein sources in this product are provided by branded instant hydrolyzed protein HydrovonTM, premium instant whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC).
In the complex carbohydrate spectre, there are so called "quick sugars“, for partial glycogen refillment and also "long time releasing“ sugars, which do not cause reamarkable glycemic fluctuation. Among branded carb sources there are isomaltulose (PalatinoseTM), or ModCarbTM.
AFTER TRAINING PROTEIN provides large doses of amino acids, mostly BCAA, L-glutamine and L-alanine. Value of this product is given also by bioactive colostrum, ginkgo biloba and digestive enzyme lactase branded as Tolerase<sup>®</sup> L, which can effectively sliver lactose. All ingrediets used in A.T.P. by NUTREND are entirely gluten free.