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Adam Lacko conquers Zolder, Buggyra in the title race on all fronts

Adam Lacko conquers Zolder, Buggyra in the title race on all fronts

Datum: 17.9. 2021

Adam Lacko celebrated this year's debut win and moved up to second place in the overall classification, Téo Calvet extended his streak of consistent performances, spiced up by two podiums, and Aliyyah Koloc fulfilled the exact specifications. Norbert Kiss is not invincible, so the whole team has great reason to be satisfied after Zolder, as the Belgian mission has been accomplished.

Therefore, Martin Koloc did not spare any praise after the race. "It turned out as we said before Zolder. Adam won overall, Téo almost repeated the points from Most and moved up in the overall standings, while Aliyyah is again a few hundred kilometres more experienced," said the team boss of his charges. "And most importantly, the whole team worked again, confirming that racing is about heart, not about going to work."

A clear signal

The hero of the racing weekend was Adam Lacko, who celebrated his first triumph of the year in Zolder, beating Norbert Kiss overall and making a strong statement in his duel with Sascha Lenz, the second rider in the standings until then. "Of course I'm happy for myself and the whole team, the mechanics did a great job on Saturday night," said Adam after the end of the last race. "At the beginning it didn't look like a great result after Saturday's super pole and the first race in which I finished fourth, but then came the win in the cup race. Most importantly, we decided where we wanted to go during the evening and night of Saturday to Sunday. After two second places on Sunday, the result was pretty close to our expectations. I don't think that Norbert's world came crashing down after losing in Zolder, but Buggyra sent a clear signal about his ideas for his future in the championship."

Téo Calvet then followed up his performance in Most by finishing third in the handicap heat after two seventh places in the Cup races. "Two crates and a consistent performance. Good for me. I just don't know what they will say at home about me losing a point to Jochen Hahn, which I also lost to Most. Hopefully my dad will be softened by the move into the elite six," guessed the reigning Goodyear Cup leader, in which he won all four races, in good spirits.

Aliyyah Koloc, the fastest trucker on the planet, completed the task of matching the atmosphere and gaining experience. "For a 17-year-old, she has her head on straight, she knows she doesn't have to rush anywhere. This season, in her case, is all about the Goodyear Cup and racing. She understands that everything takes its time and that the cups will come," said David Vršecký, her mentor.

The fight for the title continues

In the Constructors' Cup, Buggyra held on to second place, having lost by two points to the champion duo Kiss - Albacete in Zolder and, on the other hand, beating the third-placed team Löwen Power by 33 points. "It turned out better than we expected. There should still be a lot of points in play, Adam is gradually getting into the swing of things and Téo is riding steadily with no lapses. We are still in the title race and I believe it will be very interesting," said Jan Kalivoda, Head of Communications.