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Datum: 4.8. 2016

Bodybuilders, strength training athletes, fitness and performance athletes - these all need to have the high quality protein intake ensured to achieve their goals.

Regardless of whether your goal is to support the muscle mass growth or maintaining its size at a time when you try to get rid of the excess body fat, 100 % Whey Isolate will find the place in your diet. The reason why it is indispensable for you is its extraordinarily high protein proportion (up to 86 %), delicious taste and high usability. This whey protein isolate contains the minimum of carbohydrates, lactose and fat. Also, it is enriched with additional free amino acids, BCAA and colostrum. The bioactive colostrum is the most valuable primary mother milk of mammals that has a positive effect on natural immunity.
Thanks to the ingredients and new technology of production, 100 % Whey Isolate is highly concentrated source of quickly digestible and high-quality proteins. The lower intensity of specific stevia flavour was achieved with the help of steviol-glycosides which also created the most natural sweet taste. This protein with great taste can be included in your diet to support the structure and protection of muscle mass. For diets with higher protein proportion the consumption of 100 % Whey Isolate can relieve the digestive tract which would otherwise have to digest a large amount of consumed food. The product is especially suitable for the athletes who train in phases during the day.
The main benefits of 100 % Whey Isolate:
  • extraordinarily high protein proportion – up to 86 % 
  • exceptional quality isolate made by cross-flow microfiltration technique 100% WHEY ISOLATE
  • high absorption and usability – maximum efficiency in the process of building or maintaining the muscle mass
  • also contains added amino acids BCAA and colostrum 
  • suitable for volume but also diet regime 
  • also suitable for men and women who want to lose weight