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Yuri Ilyin

Yuri Ilyin

Datum: 1.6.2015

IFBB Mens physique Pro


Silver medalist of the Cup of St. Petersburg 2014
Silver medalist of Russian Championship 2014
Absolute champion of the 2014 Grand Prix "Fitness House-PRO "
Silver medalist of the Amateur Olympia in Moscow 2014



Why did you start to use Nutrend products?
I always choose only the highest quality supplements available on the sports nutrition market. The Nutrend products fully meet the highest quality standards.

How do the Nutrend products help you in your sport?
I am a professional bodybuilder. I compete in Men's Physique. In preparation for the competition, I have to practice heavy workouts regularly and my body has to deal with such a load. Nutrend products always allow me to recover more quickly.

Which is your favorite Nutrend product and which one do you use the most?
In my diet, I regularly use supplements such as: WHEY CORE 100, Enduro BCAA, Amino BCAA Mega Strong. In the competition preparation phase, the amount of supplements increases.

How do you prepare yourself for contests? Where and how often do you practice?
My preparation for competition starts 6 months in advance. From the first days, I rearrange my diet: I increase the amount and quality of protein intake, reduce the carbohydrate intake, and eliminate all harmful and unnecessary products. I increase my workouts to 6 days a week. Approximately 2 - 3 months before the first start, I start to train my posing for the scene.

What is your motivation for hard training?
The most important motivation for me – it is the victory!!! I train and perform only to win, to be the first in what I do.

Which was the hardest training in your life and why?
It is difficult to answer this question. As life goes on, I have to fight for everything, but I manage to achieve all the goals I put in front of me.


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