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Valerija Slapnik #EatwithValci no.2

Valerija Slapnik #EatwithValci no.2

Datum: 10.9.2018

Ahojte! Dobry den! Hello! 😊 Do you also feel so much better after you eat quality and delicious meal? I can get pretty cranky when I'm feeling hungry. So I need to make sure I have my meals prepared, or that it will not take me too much time to prepare a meal right away.

I'm preparing for my first show this year, so I need to make sure that I am in a caloric deficit, which means the intake from carbs and fats gets lower each day/week. So I need to replace them for something else. For example instead of noodles, I prepare myself zoodles – what is that? Those are noodles made from zucchini! It might sound strange for some of you, but this alternative is really good for people on »diet«.
The first step to make them:
  • cut the ends of zucchini 
  • slice zucchini into noodles (I used the julienne peeler) 
  • I bake them for 1 minute on coconut oil 
  • added some spices (garlic, salt, origano..) 
  • topped with tuna in natural sauce (you can add anything you want) 
That's it. So simple! Hope you'll like it. I also take capsules of Compress FEVER from NUTREND before my meals.



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