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Ricardo Alexandre Correia

Ricardo Alexandre Correia

Datum: 10.9.2018

Discipline: Bodybuilding
Team: NUTREND Team
Facebook: Ricardo Alexandre Correia
Instagram:  @ifbbpro_rudeboy
Best results:
British light heaviest title 2012
3rdplace – Arnold Classic 2012

My start and first success:
In 2008 it was my first show but my first big sucess was winning the light heaviest british title 2012 and I placed 3rd at Arnold Classic 2012.

Why did you start using NUTREND products?
I saw the brand growing massively the past few years and since I tried the product couldn't be more pleased nothing but the best.

How do the NUTREND products help you in sport?
Helping to recovery a lot faster and it will take me to another level.

What is your favourite NUTREND product and which one do you use the most?
BCAA Energy, CLAHydro whey proteinGlutamine
I take BCAA Energy and Glutamine before my cardio and before weights training. CLA before my meals. And I use Hydro Whey as post workout.

How do you prepare yourself for a contest?
High protein and healthy fats and low carbs and the products I mentioned above to recovery well.

What Is Your Motivation For Training?
Motivation of being able to inspiring the bodybuilding fans give them the chance to believe in themselves and ofc I wanna be Mr Olympia one day.

Can you describe your best contest?
My best contest was last year 2017 at the biggest stage Mr. Olympia it was a dream made into reality until now feels surreal.

What are your goals?
Grow with the Brand and with Nutrend be able to be crowned Mr. Olympia on this year's to come.




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