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800 750 750(8-16 hod.)

Petra Veselá

Petra Veselá

Datum: 3.4.2018

Discipline: Extreme obstacle runs (OCR)
Team: Craft
The best success:
European champion in team Spartan race, 15th place at World Championship.
Can you describe your start and first success?
5 years ago, I tried my first race, but feelings were so strong I think it was just a few weeks back. Then, long time sleeping racing me has awaken. All my childhood I had been doing cross country skiing. After a 7 years long pause I wanted to give my life a new charge and get my form back. Every following race became a motivation to work on myself more and more and results came surprisingly very soon. It was second Spartan race I fought out 2nd place at. In the very next season I went to represent Czech Republic at Spartan Race World Championship in USA.
What is your experience with the NUTREND company and its products?
I can’t imagine a race without magnesium in liquid shot or energy gels. I use NUTREND protein bars as snacks during the day and I also have to mention Protein Pancakes I mostly start my day or satisfy my sweet tooth with. You can flavor it with anything and so create super healthy treat.
How does your prep look like?
In OCR you need to be ready for anything and with a vision of that I start my preparation. I mostly work out 5 times a week. I like workouts for strengthening all body and condition development (circuit workout, tabata, crossfit,…). Mostly you can meet me hanging somewhere on a bar. I also do running workouts. Either a long slower run for recovery, or do uphill runs. In Summer I love inline skating or cycling. I always say that workout should taste great and you should listen to your body. I don’t have scheduled workouts, I just decide according to my actual feelings.
What would you like to achieve in your career?
To become a world champion. :D Well, I am not that ambitious. I don’t give 100%, so I can’t expect 100% back. My goal is to keep neverending joy of movement and racing and work on bettering my condition. Racing results are on the second place, but every medal place makes me happy and I always try to get the most of it and give in the most of me.
What is it that fascinates you about this sport discipline?
It fascinates me with its diversity of movement and mainly because it stands new challenges in front of me. One is still finding his weaknesses, which I try to minimalize and be better. Every race leaves a huge portion of experience and emotions in me, which I find a spice of life.
What does your daily menu consist of?
I usually have 5 meals a day. I try to keep balance between carbs, fats and proteins. During afternoon, carbs outbalance and as the day proceeds I lower its intake. Almost every day, you can find on my table nuts, meat, vegetables, fruit, oat flakes,... I try to avoid fried meals and preserved food. I like cooking from quality food, so I am fully aware of what I eat.
5 most favourite NUTREND products:
  1. EVOQ
  3. RAW BAR