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Petr Vabroušek

Petr Vabroušek

Datum: 24.2.2014

Discipline: Ironman, triathlon, duathlon, marathon, mountain ultramarathon
Team:  Trilife Zlín
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As a little child I did not like sport too much. But my wise parents signed me and my brothers in a rowing club in Otrokovice where I found out how beautiful sport can be. Later, I decided to change rowing for triathlon. I tried it for the first time when I was 16, for four years combined both – rowing and triathlon – and then finally decided for triathlon. At the age of 19, I got my first professional contract as an Olympic track racer and when I was 26, I got my first experience with the Ironman race. I was absolutely fascinated by it and since that moment I have been devoted only to it. Till now, I have taken part in more than 150 races (all of them as a professional, including 14 races in World Championship in Hawaii). In the Czech Republic and Slovakia I have never lost in these races. I also participate in some cycling and running contests.

Tell us about your beginnings and first successes.
„I started with sport as a rower when I was 10 year old. I combined rowing and triathlon from the age of 16 to 19 and then I fully devoted to triathlon. At the beginning I was competing only in short distance races and from the age of 26 I slowly switched into Ironman tracks.”

Can you describe your best race?
„There is so many amazing races that it is hard to pick up just one. Definitely I have to mention first victory in Ironman World Series in Cape Town, first victory in Challenge series in Henley, Great Britain and all victories in the Antarctic and Arctic.“

What is your experience with NUTREND company and its products?
„Of course, only the best one. For more than 10 years, I am actively involved in development of NUTREND products. Without them, I would not definitely survive those 153 Ironman in good health condition! Thanks to NUTREND supplements I can manage everything without any injury, illness or overtraining syndrome. My favourite and the most frequently used product is ISODRINX.”

How do you prepare yourself for the race season?
„30 years of continuous systematic training. Races almost every weekend. More and more I rely on races as the most specific training and I transfer on them my main focus. I know that long distance triathlon race will prepare me for long distance triathlon race the best than anything else. Utmost importance, of course, becomes a quality food supplements before, during and after the performance. With quality supplements the body is able to be absolutely ready for next weekend. So during the week I can spend more quality time with my family. "

What would you like to achieve in your career?
"I especially want to stay in good health condition and to enjoy racing as much as before. There is plenty of beautiful races which I have not ridden or have not won yet. So these are my aim! "

Why did you choose your discipline? What is the most exciting on it?
“Triathlon is unique with its variety (in the preparation and in the race) and its demands on logistics. Thanks to the combination of three most commonly operated sports, this discipline is manageable for everyone. But for top performance it is needed to use your head! "

Diet during the race day is without any doubts important to achieve an outstanding performance. What is your common day diet like?
“It is based on three main balanced meals with special emphasis on breakfast. I eat varied food with 90% content of healthy foodstuff. Use of dietary supplements and sports drinks depends on the intensity of training or race. NUTREND supplements give my body everything it needs for maximum performance. You can support your body with baguette and salami during the race, but the stomach will surely rob your body some power. My favourite NUTREND products are DELUXE bar, DENUTS, JUST FRUIT SPORT, ISODRINX and REGENER."

Winner of the marathon at the North Pole. That is truly unique title! Would you ever go and take part in expedition on the North Pole as Amundsen did?
“I have already found The North Pole. It was about 3 hours after the race, and 40 kilometres from the camp. It was lovely to step in the footsteps of Cimrman! Exploring Expedition would surely attract me too, but since I have two children and I will stay with racing where I can comeback home fast. "

Best results:
  • 2nd place na WORLD MARATHON CHALLENGE 2017
  • two times World cup winner in long distance triathlon
  • 153 finished Ironman races (32 victories)
  • silver and bronze medal at European championship in long distance triathlon
  • eleven times national champion in Ironman races (unbeaten for 17 years in Czech and Slovak republic)
  • two times winner in extreme race Israman
  • winner of marathon a ultramarathon in the Antarctic
  • winner of the North Pole marathon
  • overall winner of mountain ultramarathons Horská výzva
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