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Patrik Semerák

Patrik Semerák

Datum: 26.2.2015

Best results:
World Cup WORKOUT STYLE Ukraina 7th place

Your beginning with sport? 

Before i started with streetworkout i did muay thai! But than i had some back injury and i should do more exercises with own body, without dumbles etc. And that was my start with streetworkout before 2 years.
First big result i did in Ukraine by World Cup in WORKOUT STYLE. I finished on 7place from 25 best athletes! After this World Cup i won at CZECH-SLOVAKIA BATTLE named WORKOUT FANATICS BATTLE!

Your training?
Every week i have 5 – 6 trainings. I am training alone or inone team. This team is my motivation in the training!.

What is a goal in your career?
I want try to be on big tournaments in the whole world! Meet great people and do my best on this competitions!

Why streetworkout?
I tis very simple. Do some exercises in the nature, freedom and mental peace.....much better than be in a full gym!

What about your food?
Before i started with NUTREND, i didn´t use dany supplements! My food-menu was not alright :D Now i started with Nutrend supplements + I am trying to eat healthy. Meat, vegetables etc.


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