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800 750 750(8-16 hod.)

Michal Prokop

Michal Prokop

Datum: 24.2.2014

Discipline: Enduro MTB
Team: Specialized 
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When Michal was a little kid, his mum took him to see the BMX training and it was done. She did not expected that it is going to be the love of a lifetime. Michal was in love with BMX and not only that, Michal was winning right from the early beginnings. Unbeaten in the Czech Republic and abroad respected rider. BMX pioneer as a Czech professional rider in races abroad. He is several time national, European champion, World cup winner, he won many medals at World championship and, last but not least, a great success - the Olympic Games in Beijing. Michal, however, did not remain only in the discipline of BMX, but competed in other disciplines, where he was very successful too – national champion in freestyle BMX, nominated to the World Championships in Track Cycling and achieved great victories in the 4X discipline - European champion, world champion, winner of the World Cup. Recently he fell on a new challenge and it is a discipline Enduro, where he already collects the first victories in international races.

Tell us about your beginnings and first successes.
“My mum´s colleague had a son who was racing BMX (Bicycle Motocross). When I was a little kid, they took me to see the BMX training and it was done. I liked it so much! In the 80´s it was really popular sport. That time, I was about five years old and my desire to race has not changed since that time. Breaking moment in my career was the first world title at the World Championships, Lugano(SUI), 2003. The whole season I tried to ride well, but I always ended up second, third or fourth. Moreover, in the finals were three legendary Americans. It was a great break and victory. "

Can you describe your best race?

"The strongest experience was that World championship 2003 in Lugano, where I won my first world title. To beat those three legends in this sport was really great. Another very powerful moment in my career was the participation at Olympics Beijing 2008 in BMX. "

What is your experience with NUTREND company and its products?

„When sport is what you do for your living, you have to give it 100% of your effort. It is important how the products can help you and how they taste to you. All Nutrend products absolutely fulfill all these conditions. In every race, I need to be perfectly prepared, concentrated and well relaxed, because I need to manage various race rounds in one day. I can always rely on Nutrend products – either while racing or during the recovery. And for me this is a really necessary thing.”

Which is your favorite nutrend product and which one do you use the most?

“After each training and race I regularly use REGENER because without quality regeneration it is impossible to achieve maximum performance. Moreover, I really like the disposable packages. During the racing days I also use ENDUROSNACK that gives me energy gradually for a long time and it is really tasty as well.”

How do you train for the race season? Where and how often do you practice?

“The training part over the winter is very boring and monotonous. I spend most of the time in a gym, on a road bike or on a bicycle trainer. When the racing season approaches, my trainings start to change. I mostly go for a training camp at the end of March to Southern France, where are ideal conditions for bike training. Then the racing season starts and I train in Czech Republic in my favourite locations. Currently my conditional coach is Vojta Beran from Main focus is on improving of my endurance, and therefore I spend a lot of time not only on my Enduro bike, but also on my road bike, which is a huge change compared to previous years."

What would you like to achieve in your career?

"In MTB discipline (Fourcross) I won everything I could - World Champion, European Champion, World Cup winner and I have already defended all of these titles. Recently, there is a new challenge, Enduro. It is a nowadays phenomenon that pushes cycling farther and I will do everything to be the best."

Why did you choose your discipline? What is the most exciting on it?

"All of us goes for a bike ride with friends in wood, trails and overcomes difficult terrain. And this is what Enduro discipline is about. About great moments, experiences, going up the hill with friends and then going down as fast as possible. Enduro races are more intensive and the individual measured sections are very demanding. I love the relaxed atmosphere of the whole race, and sharing your experiences after the finish. "

Diet during the race day is without any doubts important to achieve an outstanding performance. What is your common day diet like?

"Breakfast before training is an important part of my day diet. Breakfast must be easily digestible, with a predominant proportion of complex carbohydrates and with a minimum of fats and proteins. I prefer to have cereals mixed with a bit of chocolate, honey or raisins for breakfast. Occasionally I eat eggs in different ways. Lunch before training is with very similar composition to the breakfast. My favourites are poultry meat with pasta or just light pasta. For dinner I am used to combine proteins with vegetable, so grilled meat with rice and vegetables are everyday on. Throughout the day, I also use NUTREND products. Recently I am fan of Endurodrive line. Before training I use ACCELER, during training I supply energy by ENDUROSNACK and POWER BIKE BAR. Immediately after training, I am used to drink REGENER and, if necessary, I like to use ENDURO GAINER chocolate flavour. The best drink during training is ISODRINX tablets. I also use these products during the race day. When I need to kick up during the race, I use COMPRESS BRUTUS. It is a reliable booster."

BMX Olympian, World champion in 4X, national champion in freestyle BMX, racing at World Championships in Track Cycling, and now European titles in discipline Enduro. Incredibly multifunctional cyclist. Where do you find the motivation to always start from the beginning and make it to the top in each discipline? In which discipline was it the hardest?

"I simply enjoy riding a bicycle in any form. Maybe if I would devote my life just to one discipline, I would be unfulfilled. Probably the most difficult switch was to Enduro. After all, to be a pure sprinter and become long distance cyclist is not easy. There are many things I still have to learn, but these improvements in cycling push me on and on."


    Best results 4X MTB
  • 2nd place ENDURO SWISS EPIC, Switzerland 2016
  • 2nd place EUROPEAN ENDURO, season 2015
  • 1st place ENDURO-SRAM, Germany 2014
  • 2nd place 4X PROTOUR, Scotland 2013
  • 5th place 4X MS MTB, Austria 2012
  • 1st place 4X MS MTB, Switzerland 2011
  • 3rd place 4X MS MTB, Canada 2010
  • 2nd place ENDURO SWISS EPIC, Switzerland 2016
  • 2nd place EUROPEAN ENDURO, season 2015
  • 1st place ENDURO-SRAM, Germany 2014
  • 2nd place 4X PROTOUR, Scotland 2013
  • 5th place 4X MS MTB, Austria 2012
  • 1st place 4X MS MTB, Switzerland 2011
  • 3rd place 4X MS MTB, Canada 2010

Best results BMX

Olympian Peking 2008
2nd place overall World cup 
winner of overal Wolrd BMX ranking 
silver and bronze medal from World championship
European champion
National champion in Freestyle BMX

Best results:
MTB Arkady Downmall Czech Repbulic Praha 5th
MTB Arkady Downmall Poland Szczecin 2nd
MTB Arkady Downmall Germany Berlin 4th
EN SloEnduro Italy Tierste 3rd
EN European Enduro seriew Germany Treuchtlingen 1st
EN European Enduro seriew Italy Lago di Garda 4th
EN European Enduro seriew Italy Punta Ala 1st
EN Enduro race Czech Repbulic Sušice 1st
EN Enduro race Czech Repbulic Kouty 1st

DH Arkady Downmall Czech Repbulic Praha 2nd
4X Red Bull Hill Chasers UK Edinburg 1st
4X Protour Poland Szczawno Zdroj 2st
EN Specialized-Sram Enduro Serie 3 Germany Samerberg    1st
EN Specialized-Sram Enduro Serie 2 Czech Repbulic Ještěd 2nd
EN Specialized-Sram Enduro Serie 4 Czech Repbulic Špičák 2nd
MTB Downmall Arkady Czech Repbulic Praha 2nd
MTB Dualmall Czech Repbulic Liberec 2nd
MTB For Bikes Czech Repbulic Praha 1st
MTB Ulet city downhill Czech Repbulic Ústí nad Labem 1st
4X Protour  serie 1 Poland Szczawno Zdroj 3rd
4X Protour  serie 2 UK Fort William 2nd
MTB Enduro serie 1 Czech Repbulic Kouty 1st