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Michal Kulštejn

Michal Kulštejn

Datum: 25.2.2015

In the past, successful competitor in Men’s physique category is leaving his position of an active athlete in the NUTREND Team, but we are glad he stays in NUTREND and we can welcome him on the new position of NUTREND Ambassador. We wish him the best and loads of success.
Michal's words
Yes, it is true, I am leaving (not forever) my active part in the NUTREND Team. I am so glad I had this amazing oportunity to enjoy professional athlete season with support from the NUTREND company, because due to this I had ideal conditions for training.
Besides professional athlete, I am also fitness coach, who helps people to fullfill their dreams and goals on daily basis. Now it is time to put all time into coaching and leave the professional sport scene behind, because it is hard to combine carrier of professional athlete with the working one. You always give something smaller attention and I am person, who wants to do things to the fullest and with 100% attention, that is why I decided to end my carrier of athlete.
I realise more and more that helping people on their journey to reach health, fullfil dreams and change life, all that give my life meaning. To change their destiny, show them the right direction and cheer them up, to show that they can do anything. This fitness life is for everyone. I can say that today you can find lost health on this fitness journey and that is the biggest reward for everyone, who decide to start working out! There is healthy spirit in healthy body.
10 years ago, I started as fitness coach, who had to watch over the fitness centre, its functioning, and show people how to excercise.
The time passed and after five years I became 1st class fitness coach, who got his licence at the Charles University. This new diploma has opened new door and new oportunities within the fitness world. As 1st class fitness coach I was searched also as a lecturer mainly for the coach academy, where I was chosen several times as the most favourite instructor, which I really appreciated, because I have always used my skills from my own experience. Theory is great but experience is irreplaceable. My skills and knowledge as an athlete, coach and lecturer, I used in my two publications called „Carbohydrates cycling“ and „Carbohydrates cycling II.“ Two books, one idea, which opened completely new point of view of the fitness world, which I decided to give others as a mentor. In my case as "Mentor of Perspective.“
My goal as a mentor is to show people different point of view of the fitness world, of the healthy lifestyle and care of themselves. Now it is time to show people the direction and help them walk the journey they decided to get on. In certain time of life we find out, that everything remarkable is going on in our head, it is the starter of all good but also bad!
As a mentor I listen to my clients, inspire them, cheer them up and give them my skills, I teach them by an example and try to be the right guide in their personal progress. The biggest priority for me is an individual attitude to every client. That means, we do not reach the result every time, not only lost weight make us happier. It is not always about looking good, but you also need to feel good. You need a mentor and use his skills only when you know where you are heading and take 100% responsibility for it and you are ready to act. And clients like these are the best!
Now I am glad that as NUTREND ambassador I have an oportunity to show my point of view people all around the world. Together with NUTREND we started a lot of projects and I can say you really have a lot to look forward to. The latest are „Transformation with Michal Kulštejn and NUTREND.“ I believe, that this project will make a lot of people think, that they can do it, to prove them, that it is never too late for change.
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