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Martina Sáblíková

Martina Sáblíková

Datum: 21.2.2014

NowiS Team
Training group around coach Petr Novak includes rising stars of world speed skating, but also a great junior talents. The main focus of the group from the beginning was speed skating and in-line skating, later was joined road cycling. The most famous member of NowiS Team is Martina Sáblíková. The entire team now has 8 athletes including juniors. The whole team is continuously preparing several young talented athletes.

Team members:

Sáblíková Martina
Kulma Pavel
Haselberg Zdeněk
Pravda Lukáš
Dřímalová Eliška
Zdráhalová Nikola
Tauchenová Natálie
Hladík Vladimír

Martina Sáblíková

Team: Nowis Team
Discipline: speed skating
Web page:
Facebook fan page:

Tell us about your beginnings and first successes.
"The beginnings were difficult, but that is probably at everything you do. You never know how it will work for you. From the beginning the speed skating for me meant just a lot of running, jumping and a lot of traveling - just hard work. But when first success came, and when I won first medal at the World Championships, then I realized that it was worth it."

Can you describe your best race?
"Definitely the first Olympic gold medal. After the previous 4th place in Turin, this was a very emotional experience."

What is your experience with using Nutrend products?
"Only the positive one. Moreover, after many years of cooperation, I have already tried products what suit me the best and now I exactly know what kind of product to use and when."

Diet during the race day is without any doubts important to achieve an outstanding performance. What is your common race-day diet like?
"In the morning I try to eat a lot, because in the morning and over the lunch I have the most demanding workout. So I mostly eat flakes, pancakes, eggs, yogurt and time to time bread. Then in the morning I also use NEOCARNITARGIN, JUST SPORT FRUIT, UNISPORT, ENDUROSNACK and REGENER. Sometimes I also use caffeine tablets CARBONEX or GUTAR ENERGY SHOT. For lunch I often have pasta, rice, chicken and vegetable salad. I make sure to eat a lot of fruit as well. Before the afternoon training part I drink UNISPORT. After training I drink REGENER and MAGNESLIFE or eventually ENDURO GAINER. And at the end of the day I eat again, salads, pasta, meat and fruit, especially oranges.

How do you prepare yourself for the race season? Where and how often do you practice?
"I do a lot of sports as a part of my preparation, especially running, cycling and in-line skates. I train several times a day. "

What would you like to achieve in your career?
"My main goal has always been gold medal from the Olympic Games and I alredy have it. Each year and each race is a new challenge for me. Now I would like to try qualification for the summer Olympics. But we will see what the reality will be. After all, to combine two sports together is time consuming and the competition in road cycling is really big. "

Why did you choose your discipline? What is the most exciting on it?
"I am fascinated by the speed. The fact is that the feeling of the speed on track is completely different than on normal skate narrow area."

Best results:

3 times Sportsman of the year
2018 (Pyeongchang) - 2. (5000 m)
3 times Olympic winner
18 times World champion
5 times European champion
many times World cup winner