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Markéta Baginská

Markéta Baginská

Datum: 31.7.2018

My name is Markéta Baginská – I am just ordinary girl living in a village, who fell in love with hard work, hard trainings and sport in general. In 2015 I successfuly passed retraining course to become a fitness coach and started my carreer. My job is fitness coach in Ostrava and I lead many kinds of group lessons.
My workouts are not the same every day. It is necessary to add hard and easier workouts. Every workout has its foundation in every training. I do pace runs 3 times a week maximum, next three days are dedicated to free runs from 15 to 20 km and the last one belongs to long endurance runs in the mountains. I also add strenght training at least two times a week, dynamic plyometry, gymnastics and core strenghtening.
TOP 5 products:
I love RAW BARS.
Flexit Gold Drink – I had serious issues with my knee, and after regular usage of this product I can feel they are gone. Amongst my favourite products is also Magneslife Strong with high magnesium content, vitamins (Vitamin C with rosehips, Multivitamin) and DeNuts bars.