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Jiří Ježek

Jiří Ježek

Datum: 21.2.2014

Discipline: cycling
Team: D.A.S. - Duratec
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Twitter: @ JiriJezek74


I have loved doing sports since my childhood. I went to Sokol, I played soccer for Sparta schoolboys and I did gymnastics. When I was eleven years old I lost my leg below the knee in a car accident. Sport basis helped me to overcome the injury but it was clear that I couldn’t do football or gymnastics at the professional level any more. I came to the performance sport at the age of 20, while I was looking for a hobby beside my work.  I have ridden the bike since the accident but thanks to greater media coverage of Paralympic sport I found out that I can compete with people who have a similar handicap as I do. Since 1994 I have begun to purposefully train and improve my performance. In 2000 I won a nomination for the Paralympic Games in Sydney.  I surprisingly won two gold medals there and it was the turning point in my sports career. Since then I have the fortune to belong to the best in the world. Since 2004 I have got a chance from my personal sponsors to do sport "full-time". Besides cycling races for handicapped I often race among "healthy" ones. After winning two medals in London I became the most successful Paralympic cyclist in the history. Sport still fulfils me, motivates and entertains me, so I would like to continue in my career in following years with a view of the Paralympic Games in Rio 2016.

Why did you start to use Nutrend products?

I always prefer cooperation with domestic companies. It is my long-term strategy. I want to represent not only our country but also domestic companies and their top products. In my opinion NUTREND belongs among the best in the world in the field of sports nutrition so my choice was clear. It satisfies my not only with a wide range of products but also with their quality.

How do the Nutrend products help you in your sport? 

Sports nutrition is really important in cycling. Without quality sports nutrition is thus extremely physically demanding sport impossible to do. It is not just about nutrition during the training or the race itself, but also about enhancing an immune system, adding minerals and minimizing fatigue. It is a good recovery which is essential for success in cycling training and racing.

What is your favorite Nutrend product and which one do you use the most?

Unfortunately I can´t answer this question because I use so many NUTREND products that the single one cannot be named. My sports nutrition system is so interconnected that using one product alone would not make sense. Generally, I use NUTREND Enduro products, supplemented with specials from the line of minerals, vitamins, fat burners and energizers. It also depends on the different stages of preparation.

Diet during the race day is without any doubts important to achieve an outstanding performance. What is your diet like?

I eat breakfast at least three hours before the race. Breakfast is the same throughout the year and it does not depend if it is before training, competition or it is a day off - oranges, espresso with milk, oatmeal or corn flakes with high quality yogurt and whole milk. Then, just before the start, I eat one Voltage Energy Cake or Endurosnack. During the race I most often drink ISODRINX and I eat Voltage Energy Cake, Endurosnack and Carbosnack. After the race I drink Regener as fast as possible and then about an hour after I eat classic meal, preferably pasta with chicken. Before going to bed it is good to drink one or two beers ;-)

How do you prepare yourself for the race season? Where and how often do you practice?

During the winter months I change trainings in "hot regions" (Majorca, Australia, Canary Islands) with the preparation at home in Prague. I always try to be two weeks on a training camp and one week at home. Of course, I'm flying to Australia for longer time, at least for a month. It is the winter and early spring when I have to make the greatest amount of kilometres from which I "live" during the racing season.

What is your common training day like?

You do not have much training possibilities in cycling.  You mainly have to ride a bike. So in the morning I do some compensatory exercises on my back and some breathing exercises for about 30 minutes.  After the breakfast I go for a ride on the bike. I ride about 120-150 km daily in average which means 4-5h.

What is your motivation for hard training and racing?

Cycling still entertains me. And besides cycling, it's my job.

What was your hardest training in your life and why?

Each workout is somehow difficult but in cycling the weather plays a big role, of course. I would like to give up trainings in the rain or strong winds but unfortunately it is not possible.

Can you describe your best race? How did it influence you?

The best race is the one when you have the feeling that the bike rides itself and you just drive. It has happened only about twice in my life – winning the team sprint on the track in Beijing and winning the time trial in London. Maybe it happened more times but from these two races I really remember the feeling.

Best results: six-time Paralympic champion, six-time world champion

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