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Jaroslav Kulhavý

Jaroslav Kulhavý

Datum: 21.2.2014

Discipline: cycling – MTB
Team: Specialized Racing
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Tell us about your beginnings and first successes.

I started with my racing career in 1996. The first race was in Ústí nad Orlicí, my hometown. I was winning since the beginning. My secrect was practice along with older sparring partners. The first big success came in 2003, when I won European championship and World championship in Junior men category.

Can you describe your best race?
Definitly the best race for me were 2012 Olympic games in London. It was so demanding and thrilling race from the beginning till the very end. I won the gold! The whole day was perfect, then the closing ceremony and party. I think hardly anything will ever be so amazing.

Why did you start to use Nutrend products?
NUTREND is the only one that offers all the products I use. Its supplements are tasty and there are various flavours so it is possible to use the products for a long time. Another advantage is that NUTREND is a Czech and flexible company. It has always innovated its products and also cooperated with professional athletes in order to refine its goods. Because of that, each product is of the highest quality.

How do the Nutrend products help you in your sport?
As for any other professional athletes the supplements are very important elements for successful career. Healthy diet and dietary supplements are with a good training essential components. I use NUTREND products all year long, in trainings and races as well as when I have a sweet tooth.

Diet during the race day is without any doubts important to achieve an outstanding performance. What is your common race-day diet like?
For breakfast, I usually have some pastry with jam, honey, ham or cheese, muesli and oat-flakes. If the race starts early in the morning, I have also sweet rice. If I go racing in the afternoon, I eat rice about 3 hours before the race starts. Immediately before the race, I have VOLTAGE ENERGY CAKE or ENDUROSNACK – they supply carbohydrates. Essential thing during the races is ENDUROSNACK and at the second half of the race, I use CARBOSNACK, The best thing for finish is TURBOSNACK. During marathons I use VOLTAGE ENERGY BAR. When the race is over, the first thing I have is REGENER and ENDURO BCAA. Then I have dinner full of carbohydrates and some easily digestible meat.

How do you prepare yourself for the race season? Where and how often do you practice?
It is all about biking. In winter, I combine it with running, swimming or gym. Preparation for new racing season begins at the end of November, in December I move to warmer regions – mostly Mallorca or Canary Islands. First racings and last trainings before racing seasons usually take place in Cyprus. The preparation is different every year due to aims for the season. Nowdays preparation is made as preparation for Olympic games 2016 in Rio. I will defend the gold medal from London. It is not going to be easy, but my team and me will do the best.

What is your common training day like?
I get up, have breakfast, read newspaper and go to training for about 4 hours. Then I have lunch and have a rest. Later in the afternoon, I have either shorter training and some regeneration or regeneration only (massage, sauna, whirlpool).

What would you like to achieve in your career?
I have already managed to win all big races and events. Unfortunatelly I have had several injuries in a row recently, so I would like to prove myself that I am able to defend these titles after this all. This is my goal and challenge.

Why did you choose your discipline? What is the most exciting on it?
Mountain biking is dynamic sport done in nature. This sport almost does not have limit. I feel relaxed and recharge energy thanks to adrenalin. Nature around me is so relaxing. Mountain bike can be perfect escape from civilization and daily rush.

Olympic gold medalist. Do you realize this huge success of your career? How is it to live with this title?
I realy apriciate this success. My dream came true. Of course it is also associated with some negatives. Anyway, I would not change it! Olympic gold is dream of every athlete and everyone who achieves it becomes very respected.

•  World Championship Australia - 2nd Place 

•  Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro - 2nd Place

•1st place – World cup XC Nové město n.M., CZE
1st place - Cape Epic
• European champion marathon

• World champion MTB marathon, JAR
• Silver medal – European championship marathon
• National champion marathon
• Bronz medal – world championship relay

• 1st place - ABSA Cape Epic
• 3rd place – World cup XC Albstadt, GER
• 3rd place – World cup XC Val di Sole, ITA
• 1st place – World cup XC Hafjell, NOR
• 4th place – World cup overall

• Gold medal – Olympic games London 2012

• World champion
• World cup winner (winner of 5 rounds)
• Silver medal – world championship MTB marathon
• European champion
• Leader of UCI ranking

• silver medal – world championship XC
• European champion
• 3rd place in overal World cup
• Winner of final World cup
• Leader of UCI ranking

1996 – 2009
• 18th place – Olympic games Beijing 2008
• Bronz medal – World championship U23, 2007
• Silver medal – European championship U23, 2007
• Junior world champion, 2003
• Junior European champion, 2003
• National champion in Cross country, Marathon, Cyclocross

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