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Jaromír Jágr

Jaromír Jágr

Datum: 13.2.2018

Jaromír Jágr

When in November 1924, a few enthusiasts decided to establish a hockey squad in Kladno, they could not know for what phenomenon they laid the foundation stone. Kladno, for years famous only as a city of coal and steel, should become one of the greatest bastions of Czech hockey in future.

The journey from hockey prehistoric times to the Czechoslovak throne took Kladno hockey players exactly 35 years. For the first time they lifted coveted championship trophy over their heads in 1959, they became league champions six times and they won the European Cup in 1977. The seventies were the golden era of the club which at that time prevailed domestic as well as foreign rivals. Kladno regularly supplied Czechoslovak representation with many mainstays and the club had reached its absolute peak. And although there were many ups and downs in the history of Kladno hockey, and sometimes also poor years occurred, the club eventually always came back into the elite and to the highest-level league.

The youngest talents

In junior teams there began to appear in unusually large numbers names which were later on enrolled in golden letters in the history of the hockey world. The first match between the adults joined in 1988, in that time only sixteen year old, Jaromir Jagr. An extremely talented young man soon showed his talent properly and about two years later he set out on his epic journey to America. And it was his father, Jaromir Jagr senior, who led the club and turned its downfall in times when the excellent team began to tumble down. Meanwhile, his son successfully succeeded in NHL.  Formerly he played with Pittsburgh Penguins, won Stanley Cup two times, and became the youngest player in NHL history (he was nineteen) who scored in the Stanley Cup final match. During ten years with Penguins, Jaromir became the most famous star of Pittsburgh and subsequently even of the entire NHL, in which he was the Scoring Champion for four seasons.

Conquest of America continues

Jagr´s next way led to the Washington Capitals and four years later he joined the New York Rangers. During the 2004/5 lockout, he played the highest-level Czech league for HC Kladno and then Russian Super league for Avangard Omsk. In 2008 he signed a two-year contract with this club, but it was extended until 2011. Then as a free player he signed a contract with the Philadelphia Flyers and after three years he returned to the NHL. He also played for the Dallas Stars and his last gig was the Boston Bruins team. He ends here in this season and he is taking his chance again as a free player. Jaromir always loves coming back home, he is an essential mainstay of Czech hockey team in the Olympic Games and World Championships and he is beloved by Czech fans.
Jagr´s greatest achievements include golden medal from the Olympic Games in Nagano, winning two Stanley Cups, golden medals from World Championship (2005 and 2010), Art Ross Trophy for the most productive player of NHL (he won this award five times) and Hart Memorial Trophy for the most valuable player in 1998/99. He also holds innumerable amount of personal records, as the best Czech hockey player he has won a prize Golden Hockey stick ten times and today as a forty-year-old he is our most famous hockey legend.


The hockey club Kladno entered the year 2011/2012 with a new logo and name - the Kladno Knights. Its majority owner is Jaromir Jagr who in difficult times took over the sceptre from his father and in cooperation with the Statutory City of Kladno returned the famous club back in the limelight. Especially in the last season Knights showed themselves in good light. During the NHL lockout they were with its five stars, leading with Jagr, one of the most watched teams in Europe. Marek Zidlicky, Tomas Kaberle, Jiri Tlusty, Tomas Plekanec and Jaromir Jagr being together was a fulfilled dream of all hockey fans not only from Kladno. Jagr´s squad, as this elite formation was nicknamed, sold out all Czech arenas and Kladno stadium CEZ was not an exception. Fans had the opportunity to watch the Knights in many television broadcasts, articles and reports, even in the world's most remarkable media.

Knights help the needy

The Kladno Knights not only play excellent hockey, but they also greatly help in charitable projects. The club is one of the largest donors of the Foundation for bone marrow transplantation to whose account it sent almost 100,000 crowns at the beginning of this calendar year. A fantastic achievement had an auction of a special edition of golden jerseys. It raised respectable 446,577 crowns which was sent as a support to a “Dr. Clown” program of a civic association Chance 4 Children. Jaromir Jagr also performed his duties as a patron of a project "Buddy" initiated by civic association Colourful World of Children, who helps children from socially disadvantaged families and from orphanages for free. Before the comeback to America, NHL stars from Kladno pointed the Knights into the upper rows of the schedule and under the command of Captain Pavel Patera the fighters from Kladno team succeeded even without those great names. The team muddled through strong Pardubice to the play off quarterfinal and continues on its way to the restoration of the club’s fame, which achieved a lot in the past.

Jaromir Jagr about NUTREND products

NUTREND Company is proud to be a partner of the Kladno Knights who gained the respect in the hockey Czech Republic and we must count with them. "Good sport nutrition is very important in professional sport," says Jaromir Jagr. "It helps not only to achieve the best professional results, but it also helps in overall recovery after the end of an intensive match. Certainly, we should not ignore it, because it may soon affect the overall performance. Therefore, I appreciate the cooperation with NUTREND. NUTREND products have already been tried by a number of top athletes, now joined by the Kladno Knights and I´m personally glad to associate my name with the company we can rely on and which to us, for whom sport is whole life, offers only the best. "

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