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Jakub Holuša

Jakub Holuša

Datum: 18.7.2017

Discipline: 800m, 1500m 3000m, 5000m
Team: TJ Dukla Praha
Best Results:
  • World vice-master - 1500m Portland 2016
  • European indoor champion - 1500m Praha 2015
  • World vice-master - 800m Istanbul 2012
  • 3 times participation in the Olympic Games
  • The Monaco Diamond Championship in 2018 ran 1500 meters in 3: 32.49, his Czech record moved 36 seconds a second!
Describe your start and first success:
I started with orientation run and at the same time I attended the best primary sport school in Czech Republic – ZŠ Englišova in Opava, where I was doing, I can say, all kinds of sports. Our headmaster, who was specialized on running, saw me there. And then it went time after time. We started to do special running trainings and my first success came when I was 17 years old. I was in the World Championship finals up to 17 years and I became the best European.
What is the most powerfull sport experience?
Definitely victory within hall European Championship in Czech Republic. During my run, the hall almost fell down. It was absolutely incredible atmosphere the audience created at that moment, it was life experience for me. In addition, run in homeland, where family and friends could see you, that was unrepeatable memory.
What is your experience with the NUTREND company and its products?
I have only positive experience with the NUTREND company. I've been using its products during all my carreer and I am really glad, that this company from Czech Republic is on the high international level. Its products completely fit my needs and taste and I don’t have any problems with any of them in terms of consumption or balance.
How does your prep look?
In prep I run a lot. I am the type of runner, who trains beyond his limits and does not spare himself in anything. I am a maximalist. During one month I run around 700km with pace not slower than 4 minutes per km. I often train in mountains sealevel and in two phases. Sometimes, when I feel tired I take some time off, but that happens very rarely. The prep is specific. It is about free running, long distances, pace runs, hill terrain and of course various laps on track. I also run long distances around 30-35 kilometres.
What would you like to achieve?
I would love to succeed within the World Championship or Olympic Games, yet, I have not reached for a medal under the sky. That is my huge goal.
Why did you choose running? What is it that fascinates you?
As I wrote before, I am hard worker and maximalist. I love the hard training, I like to suffer and conquer the pain it brings. If you want to be world mile runner, you have to be fast, tough and strong. It is very specific discipline.
How does your diet look like?
My daily menu is simple. I try to avoid fried meals, but I don’t really watch over myself. I eat light breakfast. That means mash with fruit and lunch and dinner depend on current taste. I mostly eat pasta or rice with vegetables and fish. I don’t eat meat that much.
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