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Ivan Mangustov

Ivan Mangustov

Datum: 8.10.2018

Instagram: @ivan.mangustov
Best Competition results:
Semi-finalist (11th place) Crosslifting International Grand-Prix 2018

What is your life motto?
We live only once. Try to do it or you will never know what it is like.

What was your reason to start with fitness?
When I was 6 I started swimming. At school, it was my first time I visited a gym, I needed it for swimming, after that for kickboxing and I really enjoyed building up my body. If you look unusual you get a lot of girls’ attention. And I like it. :)

Why did you start using NUTREND products?
Because of a very good quality – it is always the first thing I really care of.

How do the NUTREND products help you in your sport?
They have a large selection of products - suitable range of products for any type of training, especially several forms of BCAA and magnesium. 
What is your favorite NUTREND product and which one you use the most often?

Where and how often do you practice?
The most often you can find me in the gym such as crossfit and crosslifting gym. I also often travel around the city by bicycle.

How do you prepare yourself for a contest?  
2-3 months with 1-2 trainings every day. It is just training, eating, sleeping and doing good photos. :)

What is your motivation for training?
As I grow up for years I want to improve my body, to be healthy and with a good physique – to be an example for young people. 




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