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Elaine Maria Finnegan

Elaine Maria Finnegan

Datum: 17.10.2018

Facebook: EMF Fitness
Best competition results:
2nd at Irish Nationals, qualification for the European Championships in 2016.

Life motto:
A setback is a set up for a comeback.

What was the reason to start with fitness?
I became obsessed with following the lifestyles of competitors and really wanted to push my comfort zone and do what they did.

Why did you start using NUTREND products?
I have been around NUTREND for years as my coach was heavily involved with the brand. I was lucky enough to work a shift at Bodypower 2 years ago for the brand and have been in love with the products since.

How do NUTREND products help in your sport?
The products are so helpful as they are delicious and make having “treats” bit easier. I can’t get over the macros on the Protein Pancakes!

What is your most favorite NUTREND product and which one do you use the most often?
My favorite Nutrend product is definitely the Protein Pancake, they make me look forward to breakfast every day!! The RAW BARs are delish too!

Where and how often do you train?
I train 4 to 5 days a week in Flyefit Gyms in Dublin.

How do you prepare yourself for a contest?
I set aside 12 weeks of pure focus, no interruptions. I’m all or nothing!

Can you describe your best competition?
Nationals 2016. I had competed 5 times and not placed and placing 2nd that day made me realize that once you don’t quit you really can achieve anything. It was very emotional.

What is your motivation for training?
Becoming a better version of myself daily. It’s all about self-improvement, you can’t control what others bring to the stage.

What are your goals?
My goals are currently to keep training and making improvements before I take to the stage again.



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