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Denisa Rosolová

Denisa Rosolová

Datum: 22.2.2019

Can you please introduce yourself?
My name is Denisa Rosolová, soon to be Helceletová. I was a professional athlete for more than 15 years. My biggest success was becoming a European Champion in indoor 400m and placing second place in European obstacle run.I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Olympic games 4 times and compete in 3 different disciplines. My best placing was 7th place in running track with obstacles and 6th place in relay race 4 x 400m.
The role of mom fits you very well, how do you stay in shape ?
It was not a problem to go workout, when Evelin was little. Unfortunately, now it’s almost impossible. She is very active now and she can get anywhere. Because her dad is still in sports, he can’t watch her very often so I mainly focus on my diet right now and I changed my eating habits. I can´t wait till spring because I will be able to do so much more outside.
Which experience influenced you the most in your life?
It was the birth of my daughter for sure. I found out that everything I was dealing with until then was not necessary. Chasing success is nothing compared to raising your kids well.
What are your plans for the future?
Last year we started organizing camps for kids. The champion camp where I try to share experience with kids personally. I´m not sure what exactly my future brings but one possibility is to help new moms how to get in shape after giving a birth.
What are your  most favorite NUTREND products?
Right now I´m using Nartes water and DeNuts bars as I´m breastfeeding my daughter but I will be using more products soon :)