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800 750 750(8-16 hod.)

Anton Golovin

Anton Golovin

Datum: 18.10.2018


Best Competition results:
4 times winner Golden Ring Ultra Trail of T100
Winner Elton Ultra Trail 100 mile (13h12min)
Winner Markotkh Trail 56rm
Winner MadFox Ultra K70
Winner TransUral 2014, 2015
What is your life motto?
My motto - dreams come true.

Your reason to start in fitness and your first success?
My parents brought me to the sport. My First Success is a children's ski race at the age of 13.

Why did you start to use NUTREND products?
Nutrend products help restore me, help me to eat in races correctly and in a variety of ways, help me achieve success.

How do the NUTREND products help you in your sport?  
My most important product is 100% Whey Protein and favorite products are Isodrinx, Carbonex, EnduroSnack, MagnesLife and Excellent bar.

What is your favourite NUTREND product and which one do you use most often?
I have a sports workout every day; All workouts take place where I live.
Where and how often do you practice?
I choose the race where I want to take part very much; I make a plan and only forward!

How do you prepare yourself for a contest?  
My best competitors were in GRUT 2016. These are competitions with a Russian record holder for 100 km. I won!

Do you remember your best competition? Has this experience influenced you somehow?
Yes! If you work, dreams come true.

What is your motivation for training?  
There is no limit to perfection.

Can you describe your best contest?
I took part in the Elton Ultra Trail on the 100 mile distortion with a result of 13 hours and 12 minutes; I was in great shape, I developed good nutrition and set a track record.

Can you describe your best contest?
I want to go to the international level of the competition and win at UTMB